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Please Read Before commencing Work

Timber is a natural product subject to changes due to variations in humidity and temperature. We ensure the timber has been prepared correctly at the time of manufacture, however, we cannot control how the product is stored once it leaves our warehouse. We therefore cannot give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping or splitting if these instructions have not been strictly followed. Natural variations in the colour, texture or grain pattern of the timber are not considered to be defects. 

When your door arrives

Immediately upon receipt of your doors, inspect them for warp, broken glass, damaged mouldings or any other manufacturing defect or freight damage. In the case of freight damage, it is your responsibility to refuse the shipment or to claim with your supplier at once. Photographs of the damaged freight are always helpful in assisting claims. Do not hang or finish a defective door if making a claim. 

Handling and Storage

Doors must be kept in a plastic bag and stored flat in a dry area pending installation. Do not store in damp, moist or freshly plastered areas or directly on concrete. Doors should not be exposed to excessive heat, dryness, humidity or direct sunlight prior to finishing. The very hot dry summers experienced in southern Australia can be a particularly difficult time of year due to the very low humidity. This will accelerate the reduction of the timber’s normal moisture content and can result in splitting and warping of the door. Doors should be handled with clean hands or gloves and should not be dragged across one another. It is important that everyone involved with your doors read and understand this information. Most warranty claims are denied due to improper handling, installation and/or finishing. 


Doors should be fitted square, true and plumb. Three hinges should be fitted to all external doors, doors weighing more than 20 kilograms and internal doors where large differences of temperature and/or humidity on opposing faces may be expected. E.g. Bathrooms and Laundries. All glazed external doors must be hung with the fixed glazing bead to the outside

When fitting a door in an existing opening it is not to be trimmed more than 5mm on the stiles and 10mm on the top and bottom rails. The mortice lock cavity should be kept to minimum size and not fitted at a rail joint. Mortice locks fitted at a rail joint may result in weakening in the joint. If in doubt, please seek advice from your retailer. 

Continual exposure to direct sun or rain or changes in humidity can have detrimental effects on any timber door. We do not recommend the hanging of our external or entrance doors in positions where direct exposure to the elements can occur. It is necessary to protect the door overhead with eaves or veranda. The degree of protection required will depend on your location and aspect. Failure to provide adequate protection will void the warranty.

Please check your door before you commence work.