Our Products

over 1o years experience perfecting our work

We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture to any specifications, the combinations are limitless. Our custom-build pieces are made with the highest quality materials, predominantly K.D Hardwood, and with traditional mortise and tenon joints, no dowels. We deliver to all suburbs at fair, affordable trade prices.

  • Delivery to all suburbs
  • Heritage & New Restoration
  • High quality materials
  • Trade Prices
  • K.D. Hardwood
  • Custom Built, Flexible Designs

Wrought Iron Doors

A beautiful house deserves a beautiful Wrought Iron door - one to set the tone of warmth, elegance and grandeur. Each Wrought Iron Door is custom made for the home, with a sense of style and authority. 

Our doors come with a range of features that make them more versatile, secure and convenient.

  • Strong Wrought Iron for security, longevity and peace of mind
  • Open Window Design removes the need for a fly screen door
  • Bold double or single door designs to fit any frame
  • K.D. Hardwood Timber
  • Made with Traditional Mortise and Tenon Joints

Providing excellent security, functionality and style to the home, our Wrought Iron Doors are a stand out.


Hinged Glass Panels

Each of our Wrought Iron Doors is able to come with a window option.

This removes the need for extra fly screen doors, allowing fresh air to enter your home freely and easily. 

  • Energy Efficient Glass

  • Convenience

  • Fly Screen Window



Our Designs

Each of our Wrought Iron designs is expertly crafted and then paired with one of many glass options to match. 

We have full, mid and short length options to fit any measurements.


Our Craftsmanship

We've created some of the finest pieces around Melbourne; entrances made with traditional carpentry techniques and the finest materials truly stand out in the suburban sprawl.

Here are some of the homes we've helped to complete. 


Joinery Doors

French doors, bi-folding & sliding doors are all able to be manufactured to your specifications, the combinations are limitless. It's up to your imagination!!

All of our doors are solid construction, not veneered, with traditional mortice & tenon joints. The design of each door is limitless depending on your budget & requirements

Our bifold door units are supplied complete, with all hardware fitted (except the passage/lockset) & then glazed on site. Henderson RMD is the main brands of bifold hardware we supply, with all stainless steel hinges & hinge handles & solid brass flush bolts. Over a number of years we have perfected our bifold systems to withstand the elements as well as providing high acoustic & water repellant properties.


Double hung, awning, casement, sliding, bifold

All our windows are manufactured to any size, using either our standard sectional profiles, your existing profiles, or architects' details. Suiting your requirements is our speciality & we are able to offer any advice necessary to choose the best possible window & door unit for any application.

If you have acoustic or thermal requirements for your windows, we are able to modify our sections to suit, & can offer you various options to suit your budget.

We also manufacture traditional double hung windows with spiral balance construction all using traditional methods of construction.

All sashes & doors are constructed using traditional mortice & tenon joints, NO DOWELS!!,

Triple Glazed Leadlights

Triple Glazed Leadlights have been a favourite in Melbourne homes for years, providing a distinctive charm to any entrance. Our panels are made with expert technique to ensure quality and longevity.

Besides being an elegant piece to your home, our Triple Glazed Leadlights have a number of perks including:

  • Added Security
  • Added Safety
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Increased energy efficiency of your home

A classic addition to any entrance or window, our Triple Glazed Leadlights become a highlight to any home.